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Prices quoted on this page were current as at 20 August 2018, subject to change without notice.

soap making workshops


Have you ever wondered how to make your own soap? Or perhaps you are looking for a unique party idea without the hard sell. Soap craft is one of those crafts that are actually useful, as you walk away with something you would have otherwise purchased anyway. Its suitable for all ages and genders. Contact me today if your interested. $35 for basics (allow 1-3 hours depending on the class numbers) $35 for advanced (allow 1-3 hours depending on class numbers) $50 for both combined allow 4-5 hours depending on class numbers.

Workshops can be held at your place (min 4) or mine (max 6). 

Bath Bomb $40 per person, Candle $80 per person and Bath Salt & Sugar $35 Classes also available. Please email me to discuss.

vegan soap supplies


From $4.50 standard

From $5.00 essential oil 

From $6.00 boxed soaps

My soap range is ever expanding. From traditional simple bars through to artistry soaps. Scents as per my fragrant and essential oils list. Colours can be either bright, fluro or dark/deep, black n whites, earthy, shimmer, glitters etc. Soap can be purchased from existing floor stock or custom made to your liking. 

bath bomb ingredients


From $1.50 mini

From $4.50 large (typical standard size) or 4 for $15. 

From $15.00 GIGANTIC (approximately 4.5 times the size of large/typical sized bath bombs)

BECAUSE YOUR THE BOMB AND YOUR SO WORTH IT. How do you use your bath bomb? Do you prefer to let is sit against your skin or do you prefer to hold it and play with it. Regardless of how you use it there is something surprisingly relaxing watching and feeling it fizz and melt away. All my bath bombs contain Kaolin Clay to nourish the skin, natural gentle ingredients, scents can be selected from the fragrance or essential oils list. Essential oils will add the aromatic benefits that may come with the chosen scent. They come in traditional round shapes or disc type. Colours come from a range of liquid soap dyes and can be mixed and matched. The chosen colour will most likely dye your bath water. Always ensure to wipe down the bath walls to prevent colour building up on soap scum and residue.  


$3.50 per 10 sticks 

Sandalwood Incense Sticks infused with 100% Essential & Gem Essence Oils. GEM ESSENCE OILS are vibrational gem oils that provide properties from each crystal & gem stone and essential oil blends.  They excrete a vibrational frequency of each stone and are to be used with intention. For special orders please allow at least 3 days as these must dry for a period of time. 


CLEARANCE RATE $4.00  $1.00

My balms are a perfect blend of beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil and vitamin e with a slight flavour and mild scent. They come in your typical wind up tube. Currently available in Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango, Cotton Candy, Acai Berry, Coconut, Apricot, Banana, Caramel, Orange or a blend of two flavours like Choc Banana. We are in the process of removing the Beeswax to make these 100% vegan and therefore selling all balms at a clearance rate. 

BODY BUTTER - Made from organic and vegan ingredients.

From $5.00 - Small
From $15.00 - Medium 
From $25.00 - Large

Our body butter is made from Certified Organic Cocoa Butter, Certified Organic Shea Butter, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and your choice of Essential Oil. Fragrance oils are not recommended for this product. 
This butter is designed to melt at body temperature and therefore can not be shipped via post. We also recommend you keep this butter in the fridge this will prevent melting and prolong its shelf life.


$3.00 per small single use tub. 

These powdered milk baths have had the fat removed to ensure long shelf life. Infused with essential oils and botanicals. 


$4 for 100ml unscented Activated Charcoal
$10 for 350ml unscented Activated Charcoal

$10 for 250ml Pump Organic Castile with Essential Oil 

$10 for 350ml Fragrance Oil Traditional Liquid Soap 
$15 for 350ml Essential Oil Traditional Liquid Soap

$15 for 350ml Pet Shampoo with Essential Oil - We suggest Tea Tree or Melaleuca for flea and skin properties.

A number of varieties available from Pet Shampoos, Body Wash, Castile Liquid Soap, Activated Charcoal Liquid Soap. With your choice of scent and colour if desired. 

*It is highly recommended that only essential oils be chosen when it comes to Pets. 

**We recommend Activated Charcoal be scentless as the addition of fragrance causes a change in consistency and structure of the soap making it runnier than recommended, and causes the charcoal to settle rather than mix. 


From $4.50 each fragrance oil, 
From $5.00 each essential Oil, 
Range of sizes and models on offer. 

To keep things PG an image of these soaps will not be displayed on this site. For more information please send order/enquiry via email. I offer both man and female inspired. 


From $3.00 Small 
From $4.00 Coconutty Small
From $10.00 Medium 
From $15.00 Large

Body Scrubs can come in many varieties and can change depending on the season. Typically though they will be salt, sugar or contain a coconut flesh (coconutty).

We are also currently trialing other receipes and hope to bring these to you soon. 


Custom items to suit your budget and theme. Unlike most places I don't charge extra just because it is a wedding. In fact I offer a discount for bulk orders. Prices depend on my cost for production. They can also be left nude to allow for your custom gift tag.


160ml cubic $15.00, 260ml round $19.00

These reed diffusers are really generous in size and come completely boxed with a few diffuser sticks. Bottles are either cubic or round. With you choice of coloured lid (rose gold, gold or silver). Packaging is either black or white with various trimmings.


From $2.00

We have a range of accessories from exfoliating gloves, eye masks and bath sponges. Purchase separately or add them to your gift pack.


Should you require supplies we have a number of items on hand or we can include what you require within our next bulk delivery and share shipping costs.


From $3.00 per refill bag
From $4.00 per cone
From $5.00 per glass jar
Essential Oils and Himalyan Salt Extra.

Bath salts are great for the bath or foot spa. We use mineral rich salts. Your choice of fragrance, botanicals, Rock vs Epsom and mica colourant. 


$5 Small Container

Don't spend large dollars buying commercial made powders when you can simply mix it yourself. These powders do not need to be mixed thick and therefore will last a long time. Not only that as you are mixing it yourself you only need to mix what you need, the powder will not spoil if left dry. 

Clays available include: White (sensitive skin), Yellow (mature skin), Pink (dry/eczema), Green (oily skin) and Red (acne skin). Each have their own benefits and skin type recommendations. 


From $3.00 - Small

From $10.00 - Medium 
From $20.00 - Large

These shave creams were once made from Goats Milk Soap and either Coconut or Almond Oil. This has changed and all new stock will be made from Vegan Soap. 

Your choice of scent and colour can be added. 


From $5

We have a range of tea light candle holders and oil burners. 

Please message me to request the current stock and price list. 


Melts $7 or 3 for $15

Candle cost depends on the vessel. But approximately $15 per 150ml. 

These are all made from quality soy wax (Golden 464). Please see the list of Luxaroma Oils for your scent selection as we use quality candle specific fragrances to make these. 

Additives are not used and therefore a waxy discoloration may occur. This disappears during burning. 

Always trim wicks before each burn and never leave them unattended. If in doubt blow it out.

*All wax and candles custom made must brew. Therefore when you order custom made please keep it sealed and refrain from burning until the 2 week period from manufacture is up. This will ensure that the scent is at its maximum strength.


Small Bag (approx 95grams) $4

Soap Nuts are an amazing little berry grown wild in the Himalayas. It can be thrown straight in with your washing or simmered in hot water to make a great liquid cleaner, shampoo, shave cream and more. 

They are long lasting and can be put in the compost when finished. 


10ml Roll On - $15

These contain a mix of Doterra Oils, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Botanicals or Polished Stones. 

Oils to suit Tension/Stress, Womens Symptoms, Focus, Sleep, Calming/Anxiety.