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Our Story

Hi my name is Melitta Buckley. Thank you for stopping on my page. The first time I made soap was with my late mother Michelle. I saw this idea for Fish in a Bag soap on the Martha Stewart page. It was the perfect yet daring guest gift idea for my upcoming beach wedding. We both had no idea what to expect as we ordered various ingredients online. When the ingredients arrived we had a buzz of excitement and with a little bit of experimentation and a few failed soaps we were off and running. Within hours we had these little fish bags pegged to the balcony railing (drying). We were having so much fun giggling at how cute these little fish bags looked. At the time we just used regular soap and a nice fragrance not really understanding what was actually in the soap. From here came years of experimentation and reading on soap, palm oils, benefits of various ingredients and the cons of harsh ingredients typically found in commercial soaps. My goal is to create/source high quality products whilst maintaining everyday affordability. I also wish to recreate the buzz I once had, for others, by conducting workshops and passing on my knowledge to others. You too can learn a craft that doesn't go to waste as you are simply making essential everyday products.

Custom Made Service

All custom orders must be made via email or phone as additional discussions and pricing may apply. We will then send you an invoice for either cash or paypal payment prior to the collection of goods. 

Melitta Buckley


I am committed to ensure every customer is 100% happy, please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns or questions.