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We feel it absolutely necessary to first explain what melt and pour soap is and why it is different to other soaps you may see at say the markets or the shops. 

Cold process soap is one of the most common types of soaps, it is also a method used when making soaps commercially (think Palmolive). It typically involves mixing a combination of oils and lye (some use animal fat), the chemical reaction that occurs creates your soap block. With cold process it takes 6 to 8 weeks to cure and generally made in batches due to the long processing time making it impossible to create 100s of different custom soaps at once. You can easily distinguish it as the sort of soap you see at the market wrapped in a small piece of lace or ribbon and generally left mostly unwrapped. It tends to have a dull but beautiful clay type colouring. 

Melt and Pour however is essentially cold process soap however by using a slightly different process and a particular combination of oils it creates a glossy transparent texture (think Pears). The actual soap is also pre-made making it simple to use, customise and turn into novelty soaps by simply melting it back down to a liquid state. As the saponification process has already been done for you it normally only requires an hour cooling time per soap and hence has a quicker turn around eliminating the need to create batches which can be restricting when it come to customising soaps. Melt and Pour will generally always be wrapped in some way as it a humectant and therefore attracts moisture from the air which sits on the soap like sweat beads. This is actually what makes it so moisturising, keeping your soap dry and out of puddles of water will lengthen its life span. As those that choose to use melt and pour are technically not making the actual soap base we are considered Artisian Soap Artists. 

All soap bases used in our products are Vegan, Natural without the use of harsh chemicals and DO NOT EVER contain SLS, SLSA or Palm Oils. This is a personal choice for many. SLES whilst different from SLS can at present not be avoided in many liquid soaps, however we are always on the look out as we would also like to eliminate this in the future.

Both have their pros and cons. Give it a go, feel the difference for yourself.

Throughout this site you will find various products and information relating to the following: Natural soaps/ vegan soaps (with the exception of goats milk), body butter made from certified organic ingredients, natural lip balms (not vegan due to the use of beeswax), mood balms, soap making supplies, natural/gentle bath bombs, reed diffusers, candles, wax melts and so so much more. We hope you enjoy your time browsing.

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Cold Process Soaps

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